Контрольные работы по английскому языку.
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Вариант № 3 контрольной работы по английскому языку.

1. Vocabulary and Grammar Exercises.

1.1. (20 x 1 point) Supply the articles where necessary. Write your answers (a, an, the or ‘−’) in the boxes.

a) It’s ___(1)___ pleasure to see you any day and any time.
b) If you go to Moscow by ___(2)___ train, it will take you ___(3)___ six hours.
c) All ___(4)___ newspapers wrote about ___(5)___ success of ___(6)___ exhibition.
d) We’ve received ___(7)___ invitation to visit ___(8)___ plant to see machines in operation. – Have you accepted ___(9)___ invitation?
e) We have been regular buyers of ___(10)___ computers from ___(11)___ company for many years.
f) ___(12)___ machines which we have bought from IML have ___(13)___ excellent technical characteristics.
g) ___(14)___ money is on ___(15)___ table. Go and buy some food with it.
h) ___(16)___ construction of ___(17)___ stadium was completed ___(18)___ year ago.
i) I thought you always bought ___(19)___compressors from ___(20)___Green and Co.

1. 11.
2. 12.
3. 13.
4. 14.
5. 15.
6. 16.
7. 17.
8. 18.
9. 19.
10. 20.

1.2. (20 x 1 point) Supply the prepositions where necessary. Write your answers in the boxes.

a) I’m sorry to say we are not satisfied ___(1)___ the quality ___(2)___ your goods.
b) The train is due to arrive ___(3)___ Manchester ___(4)___ 4.20.
c) I’d like to get ___(5)___ touch ___(16)___ your Sales Manager to negotiate ___(7)___ business matters.
d) Further ___(8)___ our telephone talk ___(9)___ your Sales representative, we’ll be obliged if you will send ___(10)___ us all particulars ___(11)___ the Model CB machines.
e) Television programmes keep ___(12)___ people informed ___(13)___ the latest achievements ___(14)___ different fields.
f) The guarantee period which the company offered ___(15)___ their computers was 12 months ___(16)___ the date ___(17)___ putting them ___(18)___ operation and 15 months ___(19)___ the date ___(20)___ delivery.

1. 11.
2. 12.
3. 13.
4. 14.
5. 15.
6. 16.
7. 17.
8. 18.
9. 19.
10. 20.

1.3. (20 x 2 points) Supply the correct tense-forms. Write your answers in the boxes.

a) You ___(1)___ (to discuss) the terms of delivery yet? – Not yet. We ___(2)___ (to discuss) them since 10 o’clock and I ___(3)___ (to think) we ___(4)___ (to finish) only in an hour.
b) Last month we ___(5)___ (to place) a trial order with Brown and Co with whom we ___(6)___ (not to do) business before.
c) The director ___(7)___ (to write) an answer to the letter from GML for half an hour.
d) I think, Paul ___(8)___ (to finish) his work by 5 yesterday.– Yes, he ___(9)___ (…). I ___(10)___ (to phone) him at 4.50. He already ___(11)___ (to leave) the office.
e) The manager ___(12)___ (to be) in the office when you phoned him? – No, he ___(13)___ (…). When I ___(14)___ (to phone) him he ___(15)___ (not to come) to the office yet.
f) The contract ___(16)___ (to sign) next week.
g) Many contracts ___(17)___ (to make) by our company every year.
h) TV equipment ___(18)___ (to export) to many countries?
i) The building is very impressive. What it ___(19)___ (to use) for?
j) The contact form ___(20)___ (to study) yet?

1. 11.
2. 12.
3. 13.
4. 14.
5. 15.
6. 16.
7. 17.
8. 18.
9. 19.
10. 20.

1.4. (10 x 2 points) Use the correct forms of Complex Object/Complex Subject. Write your answers in the boxes.

1. We want ___(1)___ (Green and Co, the goods, to deliver) in May.
2. He expected ___(2)___ (they, to arrive) at 5.
3. Do you want ___(3)___ (they, to stay) at the hotel or with us?
4. Do you want ___(4)___ (I, to show) you the sights of the city?
5. I want ___(5)___ (she, to tell) me the news in brief.
6. He expected ___(6)___ (the meeting, to hold) in the Red Room.
7. I would like ___(7)___ (they, to make) an appointment with me for Tuesday.
8. Did you hear ___(8)___ (the chairman, to make) an announcement?
9. Nobody expected ___(9)___ (the president of the company, to come) to the party.
10. We want ___(10)___ (she, to introduce) us to the president.


1.5. (10 x 1 point) In the sentences below, identify the one underlined word or phrase that is incorrect. Write your answers (letters A, B, C or D) in the boxes and make the corrections.

1. Did you hear the surprised news? Ann is going to be the new

1. I found this tearing piece of paper on your desk. Why did you
destroy the document?

3. We are considering granting membership to foreign firms and
allowing them to challenge our markets, expanding their products,
and to compete openly with us.

4. They asked if the products we exported must have been tested
next year and if we were worried about future problems.

5. A cover letter did not have to accompany a resume; however,
those who consider themselves experts in job placement

would advise sending both.

6. Potential users will be asked whether or not they need this
product, how much would they be willing to pay for it, and
which of the packing designs they prefer.

7. The important question is how the new rates will give
customers regular more options for their basic service.

8. It may be advantageous to new workers to receive prior training.

9. Please deliver an equipment to the cafeteria, which is located
down the hall opposite the elevator.

10. After working fifteen hours at the office, the new lawyer is
finally putting away his papers and heading homely.

Mistake Correction

1.6. (10 х 2 points) Translate into English.

1. Не так давно мы установили деловые отношения с английской фирмой "Браун энд Ко”. Мы никогда не торговали с этой фирмой раньше, но много о ней слышали.
2. Я понял, что фирма заинтересована в торговой сделке.
3. Несколько дней тому назад Петров должен был поехать на завод вместе с представителями иностранной фирмы.
4. Секретарь поинтересовалась, кто должен принять  Брауна.
5. В сентябре в Дели, столице Индии, состоится международная выставка. Она расскажет посетителям о достижениях промышленности и сельского хозяйства.
6. Письмо должно быть переведено к 5 часам.
7. Мы будем признательны Вам, если Вы пришлете нам Ваши предложения на компьютер модели С 11.
8. Мы ожидали, что нам закажут номер в гостинице.
9. Учебники серии General Education пользуются большим спросом на мировом рынке.
10. Мы рады представить вам наше предложение на новую модель компьютера.

2. Business Communication. Telephoning and Business Letters.

2.1. (7 x 1 point) Complete the telephone talk with the appropriate telephone phrases. Write your answers in the boxes.


Petrov: Hello, Mr. Bird’s office. Can ___(1)___ ?
I’d like ___(2)___ .
I’m sorry Mr. Bird ___(3)___ .
When ___(4)___ ?
I think in a couple of hours.
Can I ___(5)___ ?
Yes, please.
Could you tell him Mr. Petrov phoned and ask him ___(6)___ . He knows my telephone number. ___(7)___ . Goodbye.
Thank you. Goodbye.


2.2. (10 x 2 points) This task refers to the following two e-mails. Put the correct word or phrase in each blank. Choose from the following list. Use each item once only. Write your answers (letters A, B … or J) in the boxes.

A. however
B. thank you for
C. look forward
D. we are pleased
E. our benefits expert F. with real regret
G. welcome
H. again
I. we are sorry
J. unfortunately
October 25, 20_

Mr. William Prince
1785 Honeycutt Boulevard
Marysville, IL 53028

Dear Mr. Prince:

__(1)__ to offer you the position of Budget Assistant at Systems, Inc. We would like you to start work on Monday, November 10. You will report to your supervisor, Ms. Chen, in room 44. We are happy to offer you the salary that we discussed in your interview. Other benefits include health insurance for you and your family. __(2)__ that we cannot offer life or dental insurance at this time, but we may be able to in the future. You will also get 20 vacation days and 5 sick days per year. Stock options and a pension plan are also available. I would suggest that you make an appointment to come in and speak with Emma Park, __(3)__, very soon, and she can explain the full benefits package to you. At the same time you can fill out some paperwork for us.
__(4)__ to Systems, Inc. We __(5)__to working with you.

James Jones

October 31, 20_

Mr. Ivan Katz
Human Resources Director
Systems, Inc.
1700 Main Avenue
Chicago, IL 53147

Dear Mr. Katz:

__(6)__ your offer of a position at Systems, Inc. __(7)__, I have decided to take another position. I say this __(8)__ as I am sure that I would enjoy working at Systems, Inc., and the benefits are very attractive. __(9)__, I believe my new position at the Horizon Company will be better for me. Systems, Inc. has offered me a higher salary and twice as many vacation days as Horizon, but Horizon has offered me the same type of job and it's closer to my home. I find that location is very important. It would take me over an hour just to get to work if I had the job at Systems, Inc. Because of my family and other commitments, I cannot agree to put myself in such a situation. Thank you __(10)__ for the offer.

William Prince

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

2.3. (5 x 2 points) For questions 1-5, you have to choose the option (А, В, С or D) which best matches the information in the letters (task 2.2).
1. What insurance benefit does Systems, Inc. offer??
(A) Life insurance
(B) Health insurance
(C) Dental insurance
(D) Automobile insurance
2. Who is the benefits expert at Systems, Inc.? (A) Ms. Chen
(B) Ms. Park
(C) Mr. Katz
(D) Mr. Prince
3. Why did Mr. Prince NOT accept a new position at Systems, Inc.?
(A) The salary is too low.
(B) The benefits are not good.
(C) The location is inconvenient.
(D) The job isn't interesting.
4. What job did Mr. Prince take with Horizon? (A) Budget Assistant
(B) Human Resources Director
(C) Budget Supervisor
(D) Insurance Salesman
5. How many vacation days a year will he get at Horizon? (A) 5
(B) 10
(C) 20(D) 40

1 2 3 4 5

3. Reading.

3.1. (3 x 2 points) This task refers to the following table. You are to choose the one best answer (А, В, С or D) to each question. Answer all the questions based on what is either stated directly or implied in the table.



1. Government or legal restrictions
2. Insufficient foreign demand for products
3. Lack of market information
4. Trademark and/or copyright obstacles
5. Products not adapted to foreign consumers
6. Excessive geographic distance
7. Other 14


13 32.6



Total respondents 43* -

*Multiple answers given by some

1 2 3

1. What type of firm did the respondents to this survey represent?
(A) Those that had several franchises abroad
(B) Those that refused to ever expand abroad
(C) Those that were presently expanding in other countries
(D) Those that were established in only one country
2. What reason is stated most often?

(A) Lack of proximity
(B) Not enough research
(C) Laws forbidding products
(D) Too much trouble

3. How many participants responded to the survey?

(A) 20
(B) 40
(C) 43
(D) 76

3.2. (4 x 2 points) Read the following advisory. For questions 1-8, you are to choose the option (А, В, С or D) which best matches the information given in the text.

Having the proper documentation when you travel abroad is very important. Remember that immigration and customs officials are very document-minded, so failing to obtain the proper paperwork before entering a country or losing your passport in a foreign city can cause many complications. When traveling, you should always know where your passport is. Always carry it in a safe place on your person or, if not going far, leave it in the hotel safe. Do not leave it lying about in your hotel room or easily visible in a pocket. If staying in a country for several weeks, it is worthwhile to register at your embassy or consulate. Then, if your passport is stolen, the process of replacing it is simpler and faster. It is also recommended to keep photocopies of essential documents as well as some additional passport-sized photographs.

Remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that your passport is stamped in and out when you cross borders. The absence of entry and exit stamps can cause serious difficulties and could invalidate your visa. Therefore, it is important to seek out the proper officials if the stamping process is not carried out as you cross the border. Also, do not lose your entry card. Replacing it can cause a lot of headaches and expense. Citizens of countries that require visas, such as France and Korea, can expect more delays and problems at border crossings.

1. Where would this advisory most likely appear?

(A) In a newspaper
(B) In an embassy pamphlet
(C) In an airline in-flight magazine
(D) In a travel guidebook

2. What should travelers do if staying in a country for a month?

(A) Register with their embassy
(B) Leave their passport in the hotel
(C) Find a good hotel
(D) Have extra passport photos taken

3. If border officials do not stamp the passport, what should a traveler do?

(A) Request that it be stamped as soon as possible
(B) Refrain from entering the country
(C) Go to the embassy
(D) Get help at the hotel

4. The word "ensure" in paragraph 2, line 1, is closest in meaning to

(A) fasten
(B) tighten
(C) make certain
(D) protect

1 2 3 4

3.3. (19 points) Translate the following text into Russian.

Rewards and Motivation

From the organization’s point of view, rewards are intended to motivate certain behaviors. Bun under what conditions will rewards actually motivate employees? To be useful, rewards must be seen as timely and tied to effective performance.
One theory suggests that the following conditions are necessary for employee motivation.
1. Employees must believe effective performance (or certain specified behaviour) will lead to certain rewards. For example, attaining certain results will lead to a bonus or approval from others.
2. Employees must feel that the rewards offered are attractive. Some employees may desire promotions because they seek power, but others may want a fringe benefit, such as a pension, because they are older and want retirement security.
3. Employees must believe a certain level of individual effort will lead to achieving the corporation’s standards of performance.
As indicated, motivation to exert effort is triggered by the prospect of desired rewards: money, recognition, promotion, and so forth. If effort leads performance and performance leads to desired rewards, the employee is satisfied and motivated to perform again.
As mentioned above, rewards fall into two categories: extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic rewards come from the organization as money, perquisites, or promotions or from supervisors and co-workers as recognition. Intrinsic rewards accrue from performing the task itself, and may include the satisfaction of accomplishment or a sense of influence. The process of work and the individual’s response to it provide the intrinsic rewards. But the organization seeking to increase intrinsic rewards must provide a work environment that allows these satisfactions to occur, therefore, more organizations are redesigning work and delegating responsibility to enhance employee involvement.

5. Требования к оформлению контрольной работы по английскому языку.

Контрольная работа  по английскому языку должна иметь титульный лист (см. Приложение 2), нумерацию страниц, список использованной литературы, в конце работы – дату ее выполнения и личную подпись студента.
Вариант контрольной работы определяется начальной буквой фамилии студента.
Контрольная работа должна быть либо напечатана, либо написана четким, понятным почерком, без исправлений. На страницах работы следует оставить поля (3см) для пометок и замечаний проверяющего преподавателя.
Контрольная работа должна быть выполнена и сдана для проверки на кафедру не позднее, чем за 20 дней до начала сессии.

Внесение изменений в порядок следования заданий не допускается.

Качество работы оценивается по тому, насколько глубоко и адекватно выполнен студентом перевод текстов (в оценку входит также стилистическое и грамматическое оформление), правильность выполнения упражнений. На контрольную работу преподаватель кафедры предоставляет краткую письменную рецензию, в которой указываются достоинства и недостатки выполненной студентом работы. Если работы не зачтена, в нее необходимо занести соответствующие исправления с учетом сделанных замечаний. Студенты, не выполнившие контрольную работу или не получившие зачета по ней, к зачетам и экзаменам не допускаются.
Количественная оценка заданий контрольной работы производится по рейтинговой системе в соответствии со специально разработанной единой шкалой, в которую заложены критерии оценки. При оценке каждого задания подсчитывается сумма баллов (согласно разработанным критериям), Преподаватель применяет следующий алгоритм оценки контрольной работы. В зависимости от суммарного количества набранных баллов студенту выставляются следующие оценки:
студента Количество баллов Оценка
50% и ниже
Выше 50%

50% и ниже
51 – 74%
75 – 89 %
90 – 100 % 0 – 100
101 – 200

0 – 100
101 – 149
150 – 179
180 – 200
«не зачтено»


6. Рекомендуемая литература

1. Алексеева Т.К., Дарская В.Г. др. Деловой английский. English for business. Часть 2. – М., 2006.
2. Бонк Н.А. Курс для начинающих. Английский для международного сотрудничества. – М.: Высшая школа, 2005.
3. Дудкина Г.А., Павлова М.В. и др. Английский язык для делового общения. Части 2,3. – М.: Филоматис, 2007.
4. Clarke S. In company : Elementary 2005.
5. Clarke S. In Company : Pre-Intermediate 2007.
6. Cotton D. Market leader. New edition. Intermediate business English course book / Cotton D., Falvey D., Kent S. 2007.
7. Cotton D. Market leader. Course book. Elementary business English / D.Cotton, D. Falvey , S.Kent 2007.


Содержание дисциплины
(извлечение из рабочей программы дисциплины)

Pабочая программа № 2670 дисциплины «Иностранный язык», утвержденная 21.03. 2006г. для всех специальностей СПбГИЭУ.

4.1. Содержание тематического материала.

Раздел 1. Иностранный язык делового общения.

Тема 1.1. Личные контакты. Представление. Приветствие. Формы общения в корпоративных сообществах.
Тема 1.2. Иерархия персонала предприятия. Обязанности персо-нала фирмы.
Тема 1.3. Структура организации.
Тема 1.3. Презентация фирмы. Виды деятельности предприятий. Структура организации. Деятельность отделов фирмы.
Тема 1.4. Правила речевого этикета. Деловой этикет. Этика меж-культурного общения.
Тема 1.5. Деловой прием.
Тема 1.6. Деловая поездка.
Тема 1.10. Телефонные переговоры как форма деловой коммуни-кации.
Тема 1.11. Структура делового письма. Оформление письменных документов.
Тема 1.13. Установление деловых отношений фирм. Размещение заказа.
Тема 1.14. Ведение переговоров. Обсуждение цен, скидок, усло-вий и сроков поставки и платежа.

Раздел 2. Обучение иноязычному общению по вопросам эко-номики, основам экономической теории и некоторым аспек¬там культуры стран изучаемого языка (на материале лингво¬страноведческого характера).

Тема. 2.1. Экономика стран изучаемого языка.
Тема 2.3. Основы экономических знаний.
Тема 2.4. Экономическая система.
Тема 2.12. Факторы экономической политики.

4.2. Содержание лингвистического материала.

Раздел 3. Лингвистический аспект.

Тема 3.1. Вводно-коррективный фонетический курс.
Тема 3.2. Части речи. Существительное. Числительные количест-венные и порядковые. Прилагательное. Наречие. Степени срав-нения прилагательных и наречий. Местоимение. Предлоги.
Тема 3.3. Артикли. Определенный и неопределенный артикль.
Тема 3.4. Видовременные формы глаголов.
Тема 3.5. Страдательный залог.
Тема 3.6. Модальные глаголы.
Тема 3.7. Основные способы словообразования.
Тема 3.8. Структура предложения. (Порядок слов предложения. Простое предложение. Сложносочиненное и сложноподчиненное предложение. Союзы и соединительные слова.)
Тема 3.9. Прямая и косвенная речь.
Тема 3.10 Инфинитив. Инфинитивные конструкции.
Тема 3.11 Причастие. Герундий
Тема 3.13 Лексика и фразеология.


Федеральное агентство по образованию
Государственное образовательное учреждение
высшего профессионального образования
«Санкт-Петербургский государственный
инженерно-экономический университет»

Кафедра иностранных языков
Кафедра делового иностранного языка

Контрольная работа по дисциплине

«Иностранный язык»

Выполнил: _______________________________
(Фамилия И.О.)
студент _____ курса _______ спец. ___________
(срок обучения)
группа __________№ зачет. книжки __________
Подпись: _________________________________

Преподаватель: ___________________________
(Фамилия И.О.)
Должность: ________________________________
уч. степень, уч. звание
Оценка: _____________ Дата: ________________

Подпись: __________________________________


Контрольные работы по английскому языку.