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Тест по английскому языку - срочное выполнение.

1. My cousin is … bank manager.

a a b an c the d any
2. I write… books.
a the b a c - d some
3. Is this laptop … ?
a yours b your c you d -
4. Is Caroline … ?
a a friend of hers b her friend c hers friend d friend of hers
5. …is your mobile phone number?
a How b What c Which d Where
6. Who are …people over there?
a these b those c that d this
7. There are not …for every delegation.
a enough rooms b enough of rooms c rooms enough d rooms of enough
8. You are … young to be here. Who let you in here?
a too b enough c too much d very
9. It’s a Saturday evening. What’s the matter with you? Go have … fun.
a a b an c the d some
10. It is … weather, isn’t it?
a awful b an awful c a awful d the awful
11. My brother’s job is … that my uncle’s job because my brother is a surgeon.
a responsible b more responsible c the more responsible d reponsibler
12. If you work … this time, you will definitely pass the exam.
a harder b more harder c much harder d more hard
13. What is …memory about being at school?
a the most unpleasant b most pleasant c unpleasantest d the unpleasant
14. You … smoke in here. It is prohibited.
a can’t b mustn’t c shouldn’t d won’t
15. It … never happen again. I promise.
a must b will c shall d may
16. My boss told me to take a day off. I … work tomorrow.
a can’t b may not c don’t have to d mustn’t
17. …you help me, please?
a Will b Could c Might d Should
18. Well, I don’t know. You … talk to him about that. I’m sure he’ll understand.
a have to b can c should d ought to
19. It’s a joke, right. You … be joking.
a can b should c will d must
20. … I open the window? It’s very stuffy in here.
a Shall b Can c Must d Should
21. … you like some coffee?
a Could b Would c Should d May
22. Why did Mr. Dawson take a day off? I don’t know. He … be sick.
a should b may c can d might
23. You … come in here with animals.
a won’t b can’t c shouldn’t d couldn’t
24. Who … the radio?
a turn off b turned off c did turn off d did turned off
25. How … does this brand new BMW cost?
a many b long c often d much
26. How …does it take you to get to work?
a often b long c many d much
27. … a book on the table. Read it when you come home.
a There are b There is c There’s d It’s
28. The order will be delivered …two months.
a at b in c on d by
29. I know that they arrived …Wednesday morning.
a on b in c at d during
30. Do you work till 6 pm … every Monday?
a on b at c in d -
31. … next week I am going to New York on a business trip.
a in b at c - d on
32. He can’t talk to you …the moment. He is having a meeting.
a at b in c on d -
33. How many brothers …?
a do you has b have you got c do you have d are you having
34. … is a good shop at the end of the street.
a This b Their c There d That
35. … is rather strange that you did not meet him on your way here.
a There b It c That d These
36. Does … know the vault code?
a anyone b anybody c anything d someone
37. There is … at the door. Go open it.
a anybody b somebody c something d nobody
38. Somebody phoned, and I told … you were out of town for a week.
a him b her c it d them
39. It is a very easy question. Everybody … the answer.
a know b is knowing c knows d to know
40. I know … about it. Tell me everything you know.
a anything b nothing c everything d something
41. Susan has been here only a week, but she has already made … friends.
a much b many c a few d a little
42. I have finally managed to save …money this month.
a little b a little c many d much
43. Claire has … friends. She practically has nowhere to go.
a a few b many c a lot of d few
44. Tom and Naomi write letters … everyday.
a each other b one another c every other d one other
45. I rarely see my classmates now. We meet … once a year.
a each other b every other c one another d each others
46. I … to work for the BBC.
a use b used c to use d using
47. Chris does not play in a school football team … .
a no more b no longer c any more d any longer
48. Little Frank is … to walk to school.
a very young b too young c so young d young enough
49. I bought … souvenirs that I could not carry them all.
a so much b so many c too many d such many
50. It was … a lovely day that we decided to have a short walk.
a so b too c enough d such
51. David is not … to drive a car.
a old enough b enough old c so old d that old
52. We had … free time, that we went to a football match.
a so many b too much c so much d such much
53. I could not hear … he said.
a that b which c what d who
54. The bus … goes to Liverpool leaves from here.
a when b who c what d which
55. The woman … we spoke to gave us directions.
a which b that c who d what
56. The man…briefcase had been stolen went to the police station.
a who b that c whose d which
57. It was the same man … I saw on the bus yesterday.
a who b whom c what d when
58. The article … Arthur had written was full of mistakes.
a who b - c that d what
59. This is the place … I was stopped and attacked by thugs.
a when b where c that d which
60. He is very busy. He … a speech.
a is writing b has written c wrote d write
61. What … about the movie? It is exactly what I’ve been expecting.
a are you thinking b do you think c does you think d do you thinks
62. He usually … from 8 till 6.
a work b is working c works d has worked
63. When I opened the door, the partners … the new business plan.
a discussed b discuss c were discussing d have discussed
64. When Mike finished his complaint letter, he … it to the post office.
a take b took c taken d to take
65. What … at the moment?
a are you writing b do you write c have you written d did you write
66. I have found a wallet. Whom …to?
a does it belong b did it belong c is it belonging d does it belonging
67. I’m sorry but you are late. Mr. Locke … the office.
a has already left b already left c already leave d already leaves
68. He is my best friend. I have known him … 15 years.
a since b during c while d for
69. Have you seen George recently? Yes, I … him yesterday. Why?
a have seen b see c saw d was seeing
70. I can’t see you on Monday. I … business lunch with some dealers from Canada.
a will have b am having c am going to have d will be having
71. I know I’ve made a mistake. I promise this …never happen again.
a won’t b don’t c doesn’t d will
72. Next Saturday I … the high tech exhibition. Would you like to come with me?
a will visit b am visiting c visit d am going to visit
73. I got a letter from my sister. She … to see us.
a comes b come c will come d is coming
74. … apologizing he began insulting me.
a But b Instead of c Actually d In fact
75. I’ve watched the film you suggested. I did not enjoy it very much, … .
a although b still c however d besides
76. We did not have much time, … we managed to discuss everything.
a but b and c though d anyway
77. They failed to complete the data transmission … bad weather conditions.
a because b although c but d because of
78. Paul was sick, but he … went to work.
a however b besides c still d because of
79. …being arrested, Oliver kept on working on the book.
a despite b while c although d though
80. …Palmer did the right thing, he was fired.
a despite b although c and d because

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