Контрольные работы по английскому языку.
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Прочитайте и письменно переведите с английского языка текст контрольной работы.

Text: Types of Buying Behavior.

Buying behavior may be defined as the decisions and actions of people involved in buying and using products. Consumer buying behavior refers to the purchasing of products for personal or household use, not for business purposes. Organizational buying behavior is the purchasing of products by producers, resellers, governmental units, and institutions. Since a firm’s success depends greatly on buyers "reactions to a particular marketing strategy, it is important to understand buying behavior. Marketing managers are better able to predict consumer responses to marketing strategies and to develop a satisfying marketing mix if they know the factors that affect buying behavior.

Consumer’s buying behaviors differ when they buy different types of products. For frequently purchased, low-cost items, a consumer employs routine behavior, involving very little search or decision-making effort. The buyer uses limited decision making for purchases made occasionally. When buying an unfamiliar, expensive item or one that is seldom purchased, the consumer engages in extensive decision making.

A person deciding on a purchase goes through some or all of many different steps. First, the consumer acknowledges that a problem exists. Then the buyer looks for information, which may include brand names, product characteristics, warranties, and other features. Next, the buyer weighs the various alternatives and then finally makes a choice and acquires the item. In the after-purchase stage, the consumer evaluates the suitability of the product. This judgment will affect future purchases. The buying process is influenced by person-specific factors (demographic, situational), psychological factors (perception, motives, learning, attitudes, personality), and social factors (family, roles, peer groups, social class, culture and subculture).

Organizational buyers consider a product’s quality, it’s price, and the service provided by suppliers. Organizational buyers are usually better informed than consumers about the products they buy and generally buy in larger quantities. In an organization, a committee or group of people, rather than single individuals, often decide on purchases. Committee members must consider the organization’s objectives, purchasing policies, resources, and personnel. Organizational buying occurs through description, inspection, sampling, or negotiation.

Essential Vocabulary:

buying behavior – поведение покупателя

consumer buying behavior – покупательское поведение потребителя

household use – использование в семье (домашнем хозяйстве)

organizational buying behavior – покупательское поведение организации

consumer response – реакция потребителя

warranty – гарантия

person-specific factor – конкретно-личностный фактор

rather than single individuals – а не отдельные лица

purchasing policies – покупательская политика

sampling – взятие образцов

buying decision – принятие решения о покупке


Задание 2 Переведите с английского на русский язык письменно.

1) reseller

2) personality

3) purchased items

4) organization’s objectives

5) single individuals

6) negotiation

7) suitability of the product

8)  unfamiliar


Задание 3 Найдите эквиваленты из указанных слов контрольной работы и перепишите.

a) possible influence                   1) изделие

b)  peer groups                            2) отношение

c) frequently purchased               3) покупательская политика

d) item                                         4) член комиссии

e) social class                              5) равные по интересам

f) committee member                  6) возможное влияние

g) purchasing policies                  7) общественный класс

h) attitude                                     8) часто покупаемый


Задание 4 Перепишите и переведите на английский язык письменно.

1) характеристика товара (продукта)

2) признавать

3) название марки

4) мотивация

5) восприятие

6) незнакомое, дорогое изделие

7) лицо, занимающееся перепродажей

8) использование в домашнем хозяйстве


Задание 5 Перепишите вопросы контрольной работы по английскому языку и ответьте на вопросы письменно.

1) What is the definition of the term "buying behavior”?

2) What does consumer buying behavior refer to?

3) What does organizational buying behavior refer to?

         4) Are organizational buyers better informed than consumers about the products they buy?

         5) Why is it important for a firm to understand buying behavior?

         6) What is a consumer’s buying behavior when buying frequently purchased, low-cost items and what buying an unfamiliar, expensive items?

         7) Can you list the main steps of the consumer buying decision process?

         8) What are the main factors which influence the buying process?


Задание 6 Выпишите из текста контрольной работы: 5-6 существительных во множественном числе и укажите единственное число этих существительных.        


Задание 7 Выпишите из текста: прилагательные в сравнительной и превосходной степени (укажите их положительную степень).  


Задание 8 Найдите и выпишите из текста.

а) из любого абзаца неправильные глаголы (укажите 3 формы этих глаголов);

б) 2 предложения с глаголами в страдательном залоге.

с) 2 предложения с модальными глаголами.


Задание 9 Составьте разные по типу вопросы к следующему предложению.

Buying behavior may be defined as the decisions and actions of people involved in buying and using products.


Задание 10 Письменно составьте краткое содержание прочитанного текста (10-15 предложений).


Задание 11 Вставьте необходимые предлоги.

1. It is best to concentrate … a few areas of business rather than giving equal attention to them all.

a) in    b) on    c) over   d) with

2.  This method … improving profits is overlooked in many companies.

a) for    b) from    c) on    d) of

3.  Payment demand orders were forbidden … the Central Bank of Russia.

a) by   b) with    c) for    d) on

4. The real worth of a company is less easy … display.

a) of    b) in    c) to    d)on


Задание 12 Перепишите и письменно переведите на русский язык следующие предложения.

1. A company that believes in marketing is forward-thinking and doesn’t rest on its past achievements.

2. They must be getting on badly, you know her manager’s bad temper.

3. Marketing is the creative process of satisfying customer needs profitably.

4. If they work hard they won’t lose any customers.

5. Place includes such factors as distribution channels, coverage of the market, and location of retail outlets.

Контрольные работы по английскому языку.