Контрольные работы по английскому языку.
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1. Notes: thus - таким образом; hence - следовательно; generally speaking - вообще говоря; turn one's attention - обращать внимание; the same - тот (же) самый; because - потому что, так как; otherwise - иначе.

Task 2. Напишите, корректны или нет следующие предложения согласно тексту. Сделайте необходимые изменения.
1. The short results from overloading the circuit.
2. If the circuit is broken, the current stops everywhere.
3. We break the current when switch on our electrical devices.
4. To understand the difference between the circuit connections is very difficult.

Task 3. Дайте определение темина на английском языке.
1. The electric current is ...
2. The purpose of the electrical source is .
3. We close the circuit when we ...
4. The current may pass through ...
5. The parallel circuit provides ...
Task 4. Прочтите текст контрольной работы. While you read, select the item that best completes each of these sentences.
1. Electric circuit ...

a) is the path along which the electrons travel.
b) is the path that can supply electric power from the source to the
c) is a complete path which carries the current from the source of sup¬ply to the load.
2. The current may ...

a) flow from the power stations to lamps, heaters, motors.
b) flow through solid conductors, gases, vacuum.
c) flow over transmission lines from power stations through trans¬formers, cables and switches, through lamps, motors and so on.
3. The parallel circuit ...

a) provides path along which the current may flow.
b) provides two or more paths for the passage of current.
c) supplies current to your houses.
Task 5. Give a brief definition of the electric circuit and how it works.
Task 6. Rewrite from the text all sentences in the Passive Voice and define Tenses they are used in.


Task 7. Переведите предложения контрольной работы с английского языка.
1. The barmen was asked about the new drinks used at the bar.
2. The automatic coffe machine is being installed in the canteen.
3. The voltage in the circuit can be increased or decreased when nec¬essary.
4. Very high value of voltage is measured by meter.
5. There is a large number of substances that are neither good conduc¬tors of electricity nor good insulators. These substances are called semicon¬ductors.
6. Any insulator can conduct current when a high enough voltage is applied to it.
7. Electrically operated devices are being widely used today.
8. These research centers were developed new kinds of polymer mate¬rials last year.
9. A few experiments have been made in this field of science.
10. Energy can be defined briefly as the capacity for doing work.
11. The new apparatus had already been installed when they began the experiment.
12. When the reaction had been finished the temperature fell.
13. The new device will have been tested before the chief engineer comes.
14. By the end of March the project will have been realized.
15. The new idea has been discussed in this text.
Task 8. Выберите правильный вариант.
1. Scientists ... many secrets of nature.

a) have discovered
b) has discovered
c) had discovered
2. He ... a very interesting job at the institute.

a) had offered
b) have offered
c) was offered
3. Radar ... during World War II.

a) constructed
b) was constructed
c) has been constructed
4. We ... this method since 1980.

a) use
b) have used
c) will use
5. The title of the article ... a) has changed
"Английский язык»

b) had changed
c) has been changed

6. Numerous attempts ... to prepare compounds of this type.

a) had made
b) have been made
c) will be made
7. The electric current ... in the year 1800.

a) was born
b) has born
c) has been born
8. The industrial application of the electric current ... to the techno¬logical progress.

a) was contributed
b) contributed
c) had been contributed
Task. Переведите с английского.
1. Transformers have found very wide practical application.
2. Electrical machines fall into two large classes.
3. Many people have had strong shocks from the electrical wires in a
4. The physical properties of plasma have been a problem since the discovery of that state of matter.
5. The electric motor operates all electrical devices.
6. The fourth state of matter is known as plasma.
Task 10. Find and rewrite all the irregular verbs from the text. Give all forms of these verbs.
Task 11. Use the prefixes and suffixes to form new words from given
below: -ic, -ant, -ent, -ist, -tion, -or, -ful, -ous, -al, -ment, im-, dis-, in-.
use to execute steady science
fruit to decide possible economy
care to prevent regular geology
d) Define the basic forms of the following adjectives. Translate into Russian.
powerful, powerless, effective, thoughtful, instructive, thoughtless, success¬ful, active, weightless, motionless, youthful, meaningful, descriptive.
e) Translate into Russian, paying attention to the suffixes. scientist, physicist, recognition, inventor, automation, communication, con¬tribution, decision, rotation, business.
f) Translate into Russian paying attention to the prefixes. unreal, inactive, improper, ineffective, impracticable, inaccurate, inexpen¬sive, unlike, uneasy, impossible, unusual.

g) Переведите с английского языка.
theory - theoretic - theoretical - theoretically - theorist base - basic - basically
to produce - productive - productively - production to radiate - radiation - radiative - radiator inform - information
magnet - magnetic - magnetism - magnetize

Контрольные работы по английскому языку.