Контрольные работы по английскому языку.
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Готовая контрольная работа по английскому языку.

I. Вставьте в предложении глагол или to have или to be в нужной форме

1) Smirnova ... on duty today. 2) I ... not ready for the lesson. 3) He ... a pucture. 4) She ... a globe.
5) Everybody ... present at the lesson. 6) Who ... in the classroom? 7)... you got a tape - recorder?
КЛЮЧ:1) is; 2)am; 3)has; 4)has; 5) is; 6)is; 7)have;

II. Переведите на английский язык
1) Я счастливый человек. 2) Кто из них наш учитель по английскому языку? 3) Она твоя сестра? Да, она моя сестра. 
4) Где дети? Дети во дворе. 5) Я прав? Да, ты прав. 6) Ты голоден? Нет. 7) У нее есть готовая контрольная работа? Нет, у нее нет готовой контрольной работы. 8) Сколько братьев у тебя? У меня два брата. 9) У него большая семья? 10) У Маши большая семья. 11) У меня каникулы. Я свободен. 12) Как дела? Хорошо.

III. Ответьте на вопросы:
1) What are you? 2) How old are you? 3) Have you got any English books? 4) Do you have English classes very often? 5) What is you name?

IV. Преобразуйте следующие предложения в вопросы
1) You are a foreigner. 2) Olga is an engineer. 3) I am a tourist. 4) Anna has a boy - friend. 5) You have a note - book. 6) Smirnov is a professor.
КЛЮЧ: 1)Are you a foreigner?; 2) Is Olga an engineer?; 3) Am I a tourist?; 4) Has she a boy – friend?; 5) Have you a notebook?; 6) Is he a professor?

V. Дайте краткие отрицательные ответы
1) Has she a brother?
2) Have you a friend?
3) Has Mary a girl - friend?
4) Are you a teacher?
5) Is he an actor?
6) Are they pupils?
КЛЮЧ: 1)No, she hasn’t; 2)No, I haven’t; 3)No, she hasn’t; 4)No, I’m not; 5)No, he isn’t; 6)No, they aren’t

VI. Выберите правильную форму глагола
1) I... in the 10th grade. a) is b) are c) am d) were
2) He ... at the theatre yesterday. a) is b) was c) will be d) were
3) Mr. Smith stayed at his office very late because he ... a lot of work. a) has b) have c) will have d) had
4) I... writing a letter. a) is b) am c) are
5) You are watching TV, …n't you? a) is b) am c) are
6) Who ... reading the newspaper? a) is b) am c) are
7) My car ... at the entrance. a) was b) were
8) We ... watching TV at that time yesterday, a) was b) were c) will be
КЛЮЧ: 1)c; 2)b; 3)a; 4)b; 5)c; 6)a; 7)a; 8)b

VII. Укажите предложение, в котором глаголы "to be", "to have", являются спомогательными
1. a. She was sixteen last year.
b. The delegation is to come on Monday.
c. Mother is at home.
d. What are you doing?
2. a. We shall have a part tomorrow.
b. We have invited our friends.
c. We'll have to prepare for the party.
d. I hope we'll have a good time.
3. a. Have you worked all day?
b. Have a good time!
c. They have never met before.
d. She has a lot of animals at home.
4. a. I had a good time in the south.
b.He has got a house in the country.
c. She had to tell truth.
d. They have told the truth.
КЛЮЧ: 1)d; 2)b; 3)a,c; 4)d

VIII.Определите, в каком из предложений глаголы "to be", "to have"являются модальными:
1) She is secretary. 2) She is in the office now. 3) She is working. 4) She is to start work at 9 tomorrow. 5) She has a lot of work today. 6) She has to do a lot of work today. 7) She has done a lot of work today. 8) We shall have a party tomorrow. 9) We have invited our friends. 10) We'll have to prepare for the party. 11) I hope we'll have a good time.
КЛЮЧ: 4,6,10;

IX. Употребите глагол "to have" или "to be" в нужной форме
1) It... difficult to find a job now, ... it ? 2) I want... a doctor, that is why I ... a student of the Medical Institute. 3) There is no school in this village and the children go to the school which ... two miles away. 4) How old ... you? -I ... 17. 5) ... you English lessons twice a week? - Yes, we .... 6) I .. no time to help you yesterday.? I... very sorry about it. 7) We ... a conference tomorrow. So I ... busy with my report today. 8) There ... only two faculties at the Belarusian University in 1921, now there ... twelve faculties there. 9) My sister ... a second - year student of the Law Faculty. She ... a lawyer. 10) You ... in the final year at school, ... you ? Yes, I .... 11) What... you fond of? My hobby ... drawing.
КЛЮЧ: 1)is, isn’t; 2)to be, am; 3)is; 4)are, am; 5)have, have; 6)had; am 7)shall have, am; 8)were, are; 9) is, is; 10)are, aren’t; am; 11)are, is

Контрольные работы по английскому языку.